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Three Things

As a born again believer, we need to walk in the three priorities for which we were created.

1. Fellowship: as found in John 17, Jesus on his last night on earth, prayed that we would be one as He and the father are one. We need to be in relationship and unity with the Father as Jesus was in his earthly ministry. His glory makes us one and unifies us like nothing else can.

2. Work: Without meaningful labor your life has no purpose. Whatever your job, as a believer, you have a spiritual domain a garden to cultivate. We need to discern and then cultivate the garden that He has entrusted to us.

3. Rule and Dominion: There is such a thing as proper control and the right kind of authority. Balance is important, so that authority is not abused. Jesus had such authority that everyone He prayed for was healed. He walked on water and had visits from angels. This type of authority should be normal Christianity. We should expect these and greater things. We need to earnestly desire spiritual gifts and begin to operate in the supernatural.

If we are walking in the truth that God is in us, we should experience awe and wonder as we see the glory of the Lord arising.

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