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Music Ministry

Praise Team

Elder Marq E. Allen is the Leader of the LTHC Praise and Worship Team. He has been a faithful member of the praise team for over 26 years and has served as it’s leader for the last 23 years. His passion for ministry is seen through his faithfulness and dedication to every service.

The LTHC Praise Team’s main goal to is to be a musical aid to the worshipers. We function as a support system to the congregation. We provide smoothness in the worship experience by removing as many distractions to the worshiping congregation as possible. The more the congregation is enabled to focus on the songs, the more it is able to present it as a worship offering to God.

Do we view ourselves as separate from the congregation or as part of the congregation? Do we see ourselves as being “over here” and the congregation as being “over there”? We believe that the Praise Team is a part of the congregation. We are seeking to enter into the same worship that we are seeking to lead the congregation into. It’s a collaborative effort. We, the LTHC Praise Team, join the believers we are are leading, as members of the same body of Christ in worship of the one true God.

We as a team would like to extend a hardy invitation to join our team. All interested church members please contact the church office.

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