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Singles Ministry

The Singles Ministry is a group of unmarried saints who love God and seek to please Him. Our goal is to maximize our unmarried status in a Godly way until our God-ordained change comes. We fellowship together by attending events, conferences, dinners, and having movie/game nights at the homes of our sweet members.  We meet 5-7 times a year.

  • Thank God for the gift of singleness. Whatever your experience of singleness, recognize it as a gift from God and make the most of it for as long as you have it.
  • Do all you can to be Godly. It’s easy for those who are single to lapse into a selfish, self-centered lifestyle and into sexual sin, whether in thought or deed. Be self-disciplined and accountable to others.
  • Keep your eyes fixed on heaven. It is our eternal relationship with Christ that ultimately matters.

Patricia Booker – President | Deborah Shannon – Vice-President