The Grief Committee is headed by Evangelist Jackie Brooks, Dr. Dorothy Miller and Mother/Evangelist Mary Benson. Their purpose is to help you walk through the death of a loved one and to assist in the preparation for the funeral service if needed.

ICU Ministry The ICU ministry is headed by Elder Donald Coleman.  The purpose of this ministry is to support, comfort and strengthen fellow believers.   Those working in the ICU unit of the church, improves the chance of survival for those straddling and struggling to be faithful.  The heart and mission of ICU is to fill in the gap to support those who have fallen or on the outskirts of the church. Trails knock at our heart and surround us.  Temptation set in, hoping we’ll feel the pressure.  Tough times come right after a moment of joy or small victory.  This is life in the world, and “I See You.”